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Castaly Large Door Making Machine

Castaly Large Door Making Machine


Castaly Large CS 09-260-PAA-U Door Making Machine

Manufacturing Year: 2013

Price: $17,500

Used- Great Working Condition

  • Those models are specially designed to make all the parts for raised panel doors by one spindle shaper without changing knife (rail stile, panel) to get mass production.
  • Also, it is able to do the chair legs, furniture parts by the maximum 7" width (in and out) copy capacity.
  • The 6" high stackable spindle with 3 pneumatic stops are easily and accurately setup for each cutter position.
  • Rigid construction made by heavy sheet metal frame, cast iron table & base for durability usage.
  • Full power industrial motor is suitable for best cutting capacity.
  • Strong cutting power does not need to be precut for the arch or oval panel.
  • Table movements from right to left are hydraulically powered to achieve powerful cutting and adjust cutting speed variability.
  • Table movements in and out are pneumatic powered to follow the template sensitively and ensure the same shape was copied.
  • Linear guide rails and bearings let the moving table by lightweight and smoothly to get the long life usage also.
  • Two side cast iron fences locked in the groove to finish square cut and centering the workpiece easily.
  • Heavy-duty air pistons were holding down the workpieces tightly without slide during the cutting process. 
  • Proximity switches control the cutting stroke depend by the work size for fast production and time saving.
  • Two separate stops work for rail, stile or panel arch cutting positions.
  • 220v
  • 3 PH
  • 16HP