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Kentwood 507 EL Moulder

Kentwood 507 EL Moulder


Kentwood 507 EL Moulder

Manufacturing Year: 2011

Price: $35,000

Used - Great Working Condition 

This Compact 5-Head Moulder features a working capacity of 5" thick x 7" wide.  

  • 480v/50amps/3 Phase 
  • a 7.5 HP motor belted to the first bottom spindle
  • a second right spindle
  • a third left spindle with a 10 HP belted motor shared
  • a fourth top spindle with a 10 HP belted motor
  • a fifth bottom spindle with a 10 HP belted motor
  • all spindles with electro/mechanical brakes
  • 4 HP variable speed feed motor delivering feed rates from 20 to 80 F.P.M
  • chainless through-feed feed system with Cardan shaft drive to the feedworks
  • 1 HP feed beam power raising and lowering motor
  • electrical controls wired for AC 3/60/230 volt operation

Spindle Specifications

  • all spindles are 1-1/2" diameter with cutterhead speed of 6,000 R.P.M
  • all spindles adjustments except first bottom head with mechanical digital readout

  • left and top spindles with digiset mechanical readouts
  • spring-loaded receding chipbreaker (dual segment) for top spindle and a spring-loaded pressure shoe after the top spindle (single segment)
  • mechanical digital readout for chipbreaker and pressure element
  • seven top pressure rollers and two bed rollers
  • side pressure roller at infeed mounted to the infeed table
  • 2M 6 foot, 6 inch long infeed straightening table with up to 3/8" adjustment
  • manual table lubricant pump
  • central lubrication system
  • chromed table plates and fences; with a short stock feeder opposite fence vertical side
  • Model F150-HSP Hydraulic Random Length Hopper Feeder with a capacity of 10" to 256" in lumber length