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SCM Sliding Table Saw Tecnomax S315WS-N

SCM Sliding Table Saw Tecnomax S315WS-N


Year 2006

Used - Good Working Condition

230V, 60 cycle, 3 phase 

Table size, mm: 840х560
Length of cut, mm: 3200
Max. saw blade diameter, mm: 315
Inclination of the saw unit, deg.: 0-45
Diameter of scoring saw, mm: 80
Cutting width at the parallel stop, mm: 1270
Disk rotation speed, rpm: 4200
Rotation speed of the scoring blade, rpm: 9200
Diameter of a branch pipe for aspiration on a bed, mm: 120
Diameter of suction nozzle on the saw cover, mm: 60
Main saw motor power, kw: 4
Engine power of scoring saw, kw: 0,55
Machine weight, kg: 580


The proven sizing and cutting machine from Italy's leading manufacturer SCM. The Tecnomax S315 WS panel slicer meets the high demands of the furniture industry.

Tilting and lifting of saws is made by means of handwheels;
The saw unit tilt indicator is mounted at the front of the slicer and trimmer;
The saw unit runs on linear guides that guarantee a smooth and accurate adjustment. The closed structure of the body ensures the maximum rigidity against torsion and guarantees the absence of vibrations;
External resetting and adjustment of the saw unit with independent electric motor;
Saw blade guard is mounted on the splitter blade;
Forming frame with articulated support and telescopic guide rail with hinged stops with direct indication of the kerf size;