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Biesse Rover CNC SKILL 1224GFT

Biesse Rover CNC SKILL 1224GFT


Biesse Rover CNC - SKILL 1224GFT

Manufacturing Year: 2013

Price: $50,000

Used - Great Working Condition 

The Skill G FT is the new generation of gantry CNC machining centers designed for nesting technology. Rich in function and performance, the Skill provides high quality machining, efficiency and long lasting precision by means of proven construction solutions. 

The SKILL G FT working centres are expressly designed for the machining of elements with different shapes and dimensions in Nesting mode and the processing of general wooden elements.

  • Biesse Flat bed CNC for nesting and horizontal work
  • 1200mm x 2400mm flat bed (Matrix)
  • Tool changer
  • FT worktable dimensions: X = 2465 mm; Y = 1260 mm
  • Single area FT worktable
  • Manual lubrication system
  • 2 back stops equipped with pneumatic system + 1 left side stop
  • 3 front stops + 1 left side stop
  • Vacuum system for up to two 250 m3/h or 300 m3/h vacuum pumps
  • Electrospindle 12 kw ISO 30
  • Flange for the assembly of aggregates on the electrospindle
  • Prearrangement for the assembly of a 360° operating unit (C Axis)
  • 4 outlets air blowing unit
  • Revolving tool changer with 12 places