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Cefl Prima 2019 Spray System

Cefl Prima 2019 Spray System


Photodiode Reading Barrier 

o   Reads parts and collects data at infeed

o   Tells machine when and where to start/stop and where to spray reducing overspray  

o   1 Arm with 4 Guns capable of running low or high pressure guns

o   Main Manifold with 4 dedicated fluid circuits 

o   Allows for multiple coatings to be loaded at the same time

o   Minimizes wasted coating between coating changes   

o   Color Change located directly on Main Manifold 

o   Quick color change by way of rotary valve 

  • Allows for color changes as fast as 30 seconds (with 3 primary pumps + 1 flush pump)

o   Quick Change Paper Trolleys 

o   Easy access to Paper trolleys in perpendicular orientation to spray machine

o   Oversized capability to allow for paper rolls up to 7,800’

  • Other mfg only allow for approximately half the diameter paper rolls
  • Larger roll diameter requires less frequent paper changes  

o   60” Wide Paper Belt for collection of Overspray (working with 1.3m or ~51.5”) 

o   Larger width ensures overspray does not get on the vacuum belt beneath the paper 

o   Vacuum Belt Under Paper Belt 

o   Reduces routine maintenance associated with cleaning of paper side lays (hold downs)

o   Eliminates overspray on the back of your parts  

o   All Motors are explosion proof

o   Allows for safe operation of spray machine with virtually any coating (solvent or water based)

o   Rated Operating Speed: 2-4 m/min

o   Patented Pressurized Cabin Design

o   Variable speed motors to control both 

o   Filtered air intake into plenum 

o   Exhaust of Overspray 

o   Allows for cabin to be pressurized equally

o   The Cefla Pressurized Prima filters the incoming air at a stand alone filtration box located on the back side of the machine.  The filtered air then transitions into the cabin through an air diffuser on the roof of the cabin to ensure the air is evenly distributed over the belted area and is free and clear of dust. 

o    Incoming air that is filtered at the box located on the back of the machine isolates the dust to the filters so the dust does not collect on the roof of your cabin where it will ultimately fall onto your parts

o   Filters are located on the back of the machine for easy access for replacement when required

o   Patented Plenum/Roof of Cabin services as Air diffuser on the roof of the cabin only needs replaced approximately once a year 

  • Patented Plenum improves transfer efficiency of coatings by another 5%

o   Conveyors 

o   1 Meter Long Powered Infeed Roller Conveyor for ease of loading parts 

o   1 Meter Long Powered Outfeed Roller Convey for ease of unloading painted parts

o   Conveyors allow you to not only run a wide variety of parts but also allow you to run Prima with only one operator