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Holzher Pro-Master 7125 CNC Machine

The PRO-MASTER 7125 opens up nearly unlim- ited possibilities to users for machining wood and plastic. The MANUAL or X-MOVE-TABLE allow the performance range of this 5-axis power package to be adapted modularly to virtually all operating situations. 

  • Highly dynamic drives and control engineer- ing for perfect results. Laid out for above average loads and extreme acceleration values. 
  • Powerful, fully interpolating 5-axis head – optionally with 17 kW drive and unique PRO-TORQUE technology for the heaviest work. 
  • State-of-the-art safety concepts give you the choice between patented 3- eld foot mats or safety bumpers. This allows you to match the HOLZ-HER machining centers individually and reliably to your operating situation. 

Pro-Master 7125 Brochure

Technical Data
Edge routing dimensions in X and Y directions
in X = 3,620 / 4,520 / 5,420 mm
in Y = 1,350 mm (minus cutter radius)
Travel in Z direction
in Z = 565 mm
Machining height in Z direction
in Z = 210 mm (from top of suction cups)
Cutter unit
12 kW, ceramic bearings, 1,000 – 24,000 rpm
Vector Speed
142 m/min.
Protection equipment
3- field footmat (pendular machining)
Workpiece support
6 consoles incl. 16 stops
4 feeding supports
Laser pointer
Drilling head
1.7 kW, 16 spindles (10 V | 6 H),
incl. sawing unit for grooving in X-direction
Workpiece clamping
100 m3/h low maintenance, dry-running type vacuum pump
Tool changer
18-position traveling disk tool changer
CAMPUS software package incl. aCADemy CAD/CAM module with machine and office license, 3D simulation module and Cabinet- Control Base