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Martin T27 Shaper

Think of your future and the generations to come. Martin machines are incredibly robust, precise and have the best resale value in the industry. Fully automatic positioning of the many available axes on the T27 shaper make pro le work child’s play!
the optional MARTIN ”Moulding assistant” software module takes the work away from pro le set-up and organizes the work with the least amount of steps when machining a complex profile.

Ever wonder why MARTIN‘s are so hard to find on the used market...?

Capacity: 5.7" Touchscreen control; Tool memory 500; Program memory 100; Stroke 5.9"

Motor: 6.8/8.2 HP with variable rotation speeds

Available Features: Tilting spindle/arbor; Tilt range 2 x 46 degrees; Automatic positioning of up to 8 separate axes; Up to 1000 tools and programs can be stored in the controller