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Vac-U-Clamp FT-0800 Thermo Foil Vacuum Press

Vac-U-Clamp FT-0800 Thermo Foil Vacuum Press


Vac-U-Clamp FT-0800 Thermo Foil Vacuum Press

Price: $15,000

Used- Great Working Condition

The FT-800 ThermoFoil Vacuum Press is a “clam shell” type thermofoil press specifically designed for smaller shops or where shop space is limited or as a back-up press for larger production shops which encounter short run requirements. The FT-800 Thermofoil Vacuum Press takes "Hot Vacuum Press" technology to the highest level of performance found in vacuum foil laminating and vacuum forming. It features a 52” x 100” working area, a see-through window into an illuminated interior, 18,000 watts of heating with quartz-type infrared heaters make this model truly the ultimate among Heated Vacuum Presses. Unobstructed left, right and front access, an oil cooled, 16 cfm vacuum pump coupled to a 30 gallon evacuation tank. Zinc plated steel platen and up front controls. An upgraded version featuring “plc” touch screen controls is also available.

The entire press is constructed from aircraft grade tubular aluminum with powder coated steel covering panels. The overall size of the FT-800 Thermo+Foil is 103” wide, 56” deep and 49” high. The platen height is a comfortable 33” including casters, which add 4” in height.

  • Vacuum Foil Laminating
  • Vacuum Laminating
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Plastics forming
  • Plastics veneering
  • Foil laminating
  • Wood forming
  • Wood veneering
  • Wood laminating
  • Thermoforming of heat-compatible materials
  • Laminating of heat-compatible materials
  • Curing carbon fiber with heat
  • ThermoFoil processes
  • Table Size: 52”x105” to handle full length 8’ panels and wrap all 4 sides
  • Typical cycle time: 6 1/2-8 minutes depending on film thickness and color and if you are using pre glued film or wet adhesive, pre glued is much faster
  • Clam Shell Type
  • Zinc Plated Steel Platen, Removable for Easy Cleaning When Required
  • Power: 240vac, 3 Phase (460/480 vac available)
  • 62 Amps (27 Amps @ 480 VAC)
  • Heaters: Quartz 24000 Watts
  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI, 10 CFM
  • Easy Access Table: 36” High Including 4” Casters (we recommend casters be removed for easier access to parts)
  • Construction: Welded Aluminum Base & Top, Powder Coated 18ga Steel Covering Panels
  • PLC controls w/color touch screen, pre programmed with 5 storage bays for other programs
  • Tempered Glass Viewing Window W/Interior Lighting
  • Front Mounted Controls
  • 17 CFM, 1 Atmosphere Oil Cooled Vacuum Pump (1Bar)
  • 30 Gallon Reserve Tank
  • 3000 PSI Vacuum Plumbing Lines
  • Automatic Top Lift With 2-3” Rear Mounted Air Pistons
  • Infrared thermo couple for accurate reading of film temperature